Friday, June 15, 2012

Image Roundup: DIY Furniture Updates

I am really really missing working on my furniture so I am doing a Pinterest round up from my craft and furniture board today to ease me through my sorrows. I love using Pinterest because it makes my life so much easier and frees up a lot of memory on my computer (since I don't have to save all the things I like). Check out my House Stuff board and my Crafts board and tell me what you think! Hopefully when I'm back in Ohio I can get back to work (and I still may be able to convince my mother to let me at her furniture).
DIY Bar Stools
I would love to dress my simple bar stools up a bit with fabric and paint or stain
probably the best before and after i've seen
this is possibly my favorite before-and-after I have ever seen... I love everything about their final product!
"Spray paint" upholstery with Tulip fabric spray paint!  Get out of here!
this just blows my mind... fabric spray paint!!
DIY Book page table with Mod Podge
mod podged, book page covered table. brilliant. 
Mod Podge lace onto front then paint over.
mod podged lace fronts, and then painted over. I must try this

Thoughts on home décor: Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house. - Henry Ward Beecher


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    1. Girl. If you ever want your furniture re-done... I've got your back.


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