Saturday, June 16, 2012

Laptop Makeover!

With my return to Texarkana yesterday I decided to take the opportunity at midnight to create some beautiful coasters that I saw on Pinterest which are now pinned on my Crafts board.

my inspiration from Calico Skies. . . check out the great coaster instructions!

I also watched Brothers and most of the new Footloose in the process because... well, I got carried away: with my leftover pieces of paper, I tackled my laptop's scraggly look. So check out my step by step and I hope you will try this yourself! I love the way it turned out, plus I now have a completely unique laptop.

 The supplies: paper triangles, Mod Podge, foam or bristle brush, and a pencil. The key to making this successful is choosing great papers that go well together!
 Lay out the triangles exactly how you want them BEFORE you start gluing.

 Mod Podge the crap out of those triangles! Do them one at a time because the paper will curl and one at a time is more than enough to handle.
 I made a cut out for my HP light on the front.

 After they were all glued down I chose to tape off the area surrounding them to decoupage so as not to risk accidental drips or getting the stuff somewhere I didn't want it, which is what normally happens with me and liquids.
 Cover all of the triangles and in between with Mod Podge. I used their matte selection.
My complete coaster - laptop set! I think they turned out really cute and the whole process is really easy. Afterwards my sister-in-law and I were looking around the whole house for other things we could decoupage. It is definitely addicting! So have fun... and splurge a little to actually buy decoupage because the recipes for it aren't worth the headache.

Thoughts on makeovers: My aim is to achieve sustainable change, not just make a cute little makeover. - Jamie Oliver

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