Monday, May 21, 2012

Hiking Around

Exercise is one of my best friends, but after 7 years of running Track on a high school and college level I hate running for the sake of running. I hurdled, ran sprints and even some middle distance, as well as jumps and throws. Yes. I was a heptathlete. It was gruesome and this past year when I ran in to more than my share of health problems I finally called it quits. Then I took months and months off from any physical exertion and they were some of the worst months of my life. Something amazing happened though: after those months, I started getting in to hiking and nature gawking. I always loved being out of doors and my parents were convinced by age 5 that I would be an Entomologist or Archaeologist. I am still considering getting a second degree in Ecology actually.

But anyhow, I began looking up good hikes nearby (if any of you know Findlay, Ohio you know how funny this is) and eventually accepted that any great hiking would be at least a 2 hour drive away. Since my interests began I have taken many walks at the local Hancock County Parks' Oakwoods, have hiked and climbed around Hocking Hills, Charleston Falls, Hot Springs and BaldMountain. This coming Fall I plan to hike part of the Appalachian Trail during Thanksgiving break and am going to spend most of this summer tromping around anywhere I can go. I love our National Parks and really hope to someday work for one. Here are some pictures from some of my excursions and there will be a lot more to come in the ensuing months!

Mt Ida in Hot Springs
Bald Mountain, MI
Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills

Evan at Hocking Hills

The mountains are calling and I must go.” - John Muir

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