Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Unique Temperament

As I have said previously, I am studying art at the University of Findlay. I mostly take courses in painting and drawing, but I also have interests in design and sculpture. In a lot of my recent pieces I have been working to combine flat patterns with more rendered and rounded forms. I generally work with the subject of the female body, normally nude and a solo figure.

My art is so deeply personal to me that I usually have a hard time sharing it with anyone. My personal public relations representative (whom I like to consider my significant other) has been trying to break me of this nasty habit by encouraging me to post my work to every social media outlet I use. I am still horrible about sharing my art though, and most of the time when I finish a work it is for me and my satisfaction alone. However, I can never expect to sell my work if I do not put myself out there. Even a high school student I recently struck up a conversation with at a local coffee shop was astounded at my lack of getting-out-there-ness.

To counteract my lack of social skills, I am sharing my more recent work with you. The first picture I am sharing was actually removed from my profile on Facebook. It is a drawing of a half naked woman with a corset, skirt and ruffle around her neck. My guess is that someone who is “friends” with me on the sight reported it, but who is to say? This drawing is the first in a series of three I am planning.

This next piece stems from a series of collages I worked on during the semester that utilized vintage Victorian-era photography mixed with acrylic paint, and patterned paper that I used in place of the women's hair and clothing. One of my focuses this semester was to bring my giant ideas to a new level of finished work. She is not fully finished: I am still going to fill in the pattern on the cloth covering her legs. The first picture below is the original collage and the second is the painting I made from it.

Original Collage


Insight on art: A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament. - Oscar Wilde

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