Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let Your {Happy} Loose

Dance quote

Today is a more simple and obvious step toward happiness, or it at least seems straight forward enough to me: let loose! Too many people go through every single day being so flipping serious. There are two great ways to let yourself loosen up:

1. Laugh at the things that make you stressed or mad.
Examples: Think about something really dumb you did that possibly even embarrassed you, now laugh about it. Here's one of mine to help you out: I prize my cooking and baking skills, yet at a friends house this past weekend a dish I made took an extra hour because I couldn't figure out how to simply turn the oven on.
Now think of something that is really stressful for you, especially something you can't do anything about currently. Laugh about it. For me right now it's my toilet. The handle broke, and the first day this happened the water ran and ran while I was trying to fill out a $10,000 loan application. As I was getting more and more frustrated with the application, my eyes started watering and I made myself breathe. Then I heard my toilet running and laughed for the next 5min. It gave me the strength to finish the application and even though I was denied the loan (which is important for finishing my last year of school), I was able to walk away from the situation knowing I would figure something out.

2. Dance.
If you're good at dancing, good for you. If you're a ridiculous dancer, even better. Either turn on some music in your bedroom and get your Shakira hips on, or go out to some random bar with a couple friends you can dance with. Dancing will help you be happier in so many ways, namely in getting your heart rate going and in helping you take yourself a little less seriously.
I'll even give you an inspirational playlist:
And dance like you mean it . . . especially to the last one.

Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance. ― Oprah Winfrey

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