Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Shit Done {Happily}

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My previous post was about taking a day off of everything responsible in your life. This is its counterpart.

Every once in a while I love to dedicate a day or two to really cracking down on my work that needs done. These work days generally are directly after days off or are immediately followed by days off.

Why have days of super high productivity? The feeling of being ahead or even just being “all caught up” is extremely uplifting. When you are able to take the weight off your mind of the things that have added up on the To Do list you will not only feel less stressed out, but you will feel accomplished and will then be able to give your brain the break it needs, as discussed in my last post.

The key to success on an ultra-productive day is planning. Make a list in the morning, or the night before if you're like me and go over everything you have to do the next day while lying down, of everything you need to get done, of every project you have going, of every appointment you have and need to make, and put it all in chronological order.

Then do it.

Finish every task you possibly can in that day. Don't stop for TV breaks, don't stop for naps . . . just go!

Do all of your driving errands in one trip. This means make your shopping list before you go to the post office and bank. Take the time to shop for the whole week too; plan meals now so you don't have to later.

If you're in school get some friends together to work on homework together. Make sure to include at least one friend who's actually serious about their grades to keep you all on track (or to keep you all respectful enough to not get too crazy).

Go crazy tomorrow and get everything that has been weighing on your mind down on a piece of paper and done. See how great it will feel to have it all off your chest!

Need help getting organized first? Check out my Home Organization board on Pinterest. It's packed with cleaning lists, packing lists, planner print outs, how-to's and just plain amazing instructionals and ideas. 

The best way out is always through. - Unknown

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