Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dead Armadillos

I got a new bike for my birthday! Hooray! My mom bought it for me for my birthday and I immediately took it out for a ride yesterday. Other than the front wheel needing a little tightening, everything about the bike is a million times better than my old one, which I have had since middle school.
My new bike

However, on my first ride through Arkansas I had some seriously interesting experiences. First of all, all of the roads are crap. I was so thankful 2 minutes into my ride that I have a mountain bike. About a quarter of a mile in, a dog started barking at me. Now, normally this wouldn't phase me. In my head I thought 'it will stop running at me at the property line'. Nope. It ran out onto the road, and it was a really really large pit bull. I just pedaled a bit faster. On the other side of the road. Then further on 2 more dogs ran out toward me. While these dogs were much smaller, they followed me a lot longer and got a lot closer to my bike. I may not take this route again. I'm not scared of dogs, mind you, but I'm just used to them stay on their owner's property.

The route wasn't a long one, but it is far more hilly here than in Northwest Ohio. I went a measly 6.3 miles but I've got some new routes in the works that should be really challenging.

Anyhow, here are a few sights I found along the way. I unfortunately didn't take pictures of the armadillo and coyote carcasses I also passed, but I'm hoping you will settle for these!

Pink abandoned house

On bicycling:  The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets. - Christopher Morley

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  1. Happy Birthday again-love the blog. Glad I can still please you with a pink bike!


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