Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On To the Bedroom!

After the furniture reinventions that took place in my living room, I took a small break. My dresser and bookshelf look absolutely stunning and I revel in them every time I enter my apartment. They go great with the stool, lamp and coffee table I had already tweaked and I still have schemes for my crafting table and desk. However, I have moved on to the all important and intimidating bedroom.

My bedroom has always been awkward: from it's awkwardly placed window at the edge of the room, to the awkwardly large closet that takes up an entire wall (do not mistake this for complaining), and the awkwardly placed door to my bathroom that is inconveniently placed just far enough from the adjourning wall to not allow for a bed. I have also had an issue with the size of my furniture. It is huge! Moving it around has always been a daunting task . . . but sometimes I get fearless.
Old Layout - from bathroom
Old Layout - from kitchen
Two days ago I rearranged everything. The old arrangement, shown above, was extremely stale and everything felt cramped. There was no flow in the room and my bed really divided up the space which was already tiny. So I heaved around my chunky furniture into a more open plan which, so far, I really love. I won't be showing my new configuration though until I finish with all of my furniture! I would love to share my progress thus far though and see what y'all think. On everything I am sharing, all I used were the pieces I already had, acrylic paint, spray paint, tape and a brush. Those are all of the ingredients.

from "hot mess hot pink" to a dusty blue with gold and white accents
ordinary shells
this was just a plain blue glass bottle
a special abstract work I made for my bedroom
tune in next time to find out what happens to piggy!
Thoughts on change: My new motto is: When you're through changing, you're through. - Martha Stewart

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  1. I love the pig! Have mercy on him, he's a cutie ;$


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