Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alabama, Arkansas, I Sure Love My Ma & Pa

Well, I'm back in Findlay, Ohio. I never thought I could be so happy to be here, but I really am. It's nice to be in a place where you know the roads, where all of the McDonald's are, and where you know people.

It took me two hours to unpack my car, and I'm taking a break from putting everything away to write this. It was really nice to walk in to my apartment and see all of the changes I made at the beginning of the summer. I think I literally walked in and said you're so pretty!! (yes, I talk to my apartment, apparently).

Now I have a couple weeks before classes start again and I actually feel ready for my senior year. I'm taking a few courses outside of my major that I am legitimately excited about and a bunch inside my major that I'm super pumped for.

This is kind of a funny moment. I'm sitting on my bed surrounded by mounds of clothing, my foot propped up on a new comforter set and Beyonce's Smash Into You in the background. Life is good.

Pictures to come :)

I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here. Lauren Myracle

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  1. Awesome post! Glad you're home. Miss you loads already. You are well travelled indeed! So much better than well unraveled. ;)


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