Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Saw Your Soul

mmm, I love a little poetry after supper ...
At last, another poetry day. For a while there I was hardly writing. I think there are these certain levels of anger I have to be within to write poetry and I was beyond the upper limits. Now I think the kingdom is back in order, that or my tolerance level has risen. Either way, here are some poems I wrote during my recent travels.

Get Behind Me

I walk with this limp.
I cannot remember
any other way.
When you get so used
to picking up the extra weight
what difference does
today make?
But I will not carry it tomorrow.
That's a new day
for new pain,
and you've burdened me enough.

Pale, reclusive and coveting;
her dark eyes
pierce man's soul,
her luminous teeth
a man's carotid
so she never wore lipstick.
But they still came.
Whether for her skin
or life
she never asked.
When they'd remove
her lace
they were always entranced
by the white and subtle pink.
As a mister's hands
found her garter,
she would find a throbbing
willing to be taken.
A disregard for pain
at the prospect
of her body.
As she wrapped her legs
around each,
her fangs broke
past the barriers of their


It's not just a road
we're on,
it's a direction,
it's a choice.
I'm on
a dirt road, going
I don't care if
yours is paved
or fucking gold;
I love my dirt road
and can't wait to see
where I'm headed.

109 In Arizona

My thighs
are so heavy
in these tight jeans.
They swear
if I don't free them,
I'll suffer

We Met For A Few Seconds In Utah

You played
the guitar on the front step,
caught up in
years of thought,
frozen to that
by all the cold.
Hair pulled
back to where your neck
and short sleeve met.
The wind pushed your chin
and lifted
the miles between us.
For a few seconds
I saw
your soul.

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