Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Wanna Live Where The Green Grass Grows

Since today I am wishing I had a bike to take on a nice long ride, I am going to share a few pictures with you that I took on a ride to Oakwoods Nature Preserve before I Ohio. It's crazy how once you get in to a routine of working out how much you miss it! I definitely am right now.

My bike isn't anything special and I have had it for probably 10 or more years. The trip to Oakwoods takes me about 20 minutes and is about 4 miles. I park her in the shade, slip off my socks and shoes, and walk down to the boat ramp first.

Last time there were a bunch of minnow checking out my toes from a safe distance. 

Then I walk into the woods a way to my special patch of grass and sun!

Above is the path I take. Further up on the trail the park managers added gravel and stones which is obviously upsetting to someone who enjoys walking around barefoot. 

My beautiful patch of grass (above) is constantly dappled with light. I love laying around in the grass and listening to the birds around me and occasionally having false hope that a deer will spring forward on to the path at any moment. Last time I was there I counted 6 or 7 different bird calls, but only saw robins. How rude is that?

Lying around in the grass definitely leaves me covered in debris. I also normally leave the woods with giant red splotches over my abdomen, but for me, the 5 minutes spent there breathing in the woods and birdsong are worth the allergic reaction to the carpet-soft grass.

Further down the trail the path was completely covered by dogwood fluffs. It isn't done justice by this picture but the sight is somewhat magical and gives you the feeling of being transported somewhere else.

Thoughts on grass: I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars. - Walt Whitman

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